RIM entering consumer accessories market


It’s the beginning of the end, kiddies. RIM is jumping into the consumer accessories market with the BB Remote Stereo Gateway. In case you haven’t had any coffee and you’re unable to glean what RIM’s first accessory does then you should go and get a cup of coffee. Heh. The Remote Stereo Gateway wil connect your multimedia capable BlackBerry via Bluetooth to your stereo so you can listen to your tunes. This will be the first of many new products that RIM is set to announce during or shortly after 3GSM.

“This represents . . . a little peek into what’s cooking in the lab that RIM’s got going for an engaging consumer strategy,” said Mr. Abramsky, who maintains an “outperform” rating with a US$140 price target.

“This includes music, messaging . . . and browsing on a wireless basis without the phone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see BlackBerry Unite, which is coming soon, support some of these capabilities.”

FCC filing [via Financial Post]