Skype for PSP is here! [Update]

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From Crackle: Skype on the PSP

The official announcement that Skype would be coming to the PSP (PSP-2000 series only) came at CES and now we’re seeing signs that firmware v3.90 is set to roll out this week. It’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve used Skype then it should be a simple and painless process. In case you’re wondering what to expect later this week today when you’ve downloaded the firmware then check out the instructional video or keep reading to see how it works:

[Update]: You can access the update via Network Update on your PSP and make sure you have a Memory Stick Duo.

* Download and install the 3.90 firmware upgrade to the PSP-2000 system.
* Connect the PSP to the Internet at a Wi-Fi hotspot.
* Attach a PSP Headset and the Remote Control from the PSP-2000 Headphones to the system, and insert a Memory Stick Duo to save the Skype application software.
* Access the Skype/Sign In icon within the Network category of the XMB menu. If you’ve never used Skype on your PC, you can create a free account directly on your PSP. If you already have a Skype account, you can simply enter your username/password.
* To make a call, either access the Contacts icon and click on a name or scroll to the Dial icon and use the keypad.

Skype on the PSP – Firmware (v3.90) Coming Soon [Playstation Blog]