Breaking: Garmin goes feet-first into cellphone business with flagship Nuviphone


Our NYC writers are at a mystery event sponsored by Garmin, and they’ve sent me something hot.

Garmin’s getting into the mobile phone business, and they’re getting in hard.

What you see above is the first image of the new Garmin Nuviphone, a touchscreen, 3.5G, GSM phone that’s packed — packed — with features, much of it from Google, like local search, traffic, gMail, gChat, weather, and even Google Panorama.

And it’s an MP3 player, and shoots video and stills with automatic geotagging, and it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. MMS, SMS, and other instant messaging protocols are supported. Fuel prices, stocks, you name it, it’s in here. Oh, and GPS. It’s almost exactly the size of an iPhone.

No word on pricing or who the carrier might be, but it’ll be available in Q3 of 2008. More pics and details to follow soon.

[UPDATE]: Couple more pics after the jump.