Tactile MP3 player: Control it with near-zero forethought


Having lost my iPod nano last week, along with a host of other personal effects, I’ll presently be in the market for a new media player, one that doesn’t have to be an iPod. Though I realize I’ll never be able to buy this little player, the Tactile MP3, I do like its premise. There’s no display of any kind; you control the player with five little raised bump areas that sorta resemble braille. It’s the sort of player that I can see shoving into my pocket while riding the awful subway every which way. I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking it, I mean to say.

I had thought about upgrading to the iPod touch, but then, after mulling it over for a moment, realized that I don’t need a $400 podcast adapter, podcasts being the main thing I used the nano for. Need before greed, or so the saying goes.

Another Simple MP3 Player [Yanko Design]