Claim: 'Drama' building around XM-Sirius merger tonight


Something’s afoot regarding the XM-Sirius merger tonight. Drudge has a sly little note on the left-hand column that reads: “Approved or Denied? Drama Builds Around Sirius-XM Merger… Developing…”

The proposed merger was announced nearly one year ago on February 17, 2007 and has developed into one of the most annoying stories I’ve ever followed. One week approval is imminent the next the Feds are still undecided. For the record, as long as the merger doesn’t adversely affect “Opie and Anthony” I say let it happen. I don’t listen to radio anyway. It’s not like everyone doesn’t already have an iPod or other player.

It’s a good thing I refresh Drudge every 35 seconds otherwise I never would have spotted that gem.

UPDATE It’s 7am on Monday and the story is still “developing” on Drudge. Wasn’t there a children’s story based on this?

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