Olympus loves to release cameras! Here's the FE-3xx series

Olympus, who made my first and favorite CD player, is releasing a metric ton of cameras at the PMA convention. Hit the link for the important specs, pics, and my pick.

FE-350 (Pictured Above)

4.8 oz, 8 megapixels, 3-in LCD, 4x optical zoom, 28-112mm equivalent focal length, $250


4.1 oz, 8 megapixels (same CCD as above), 2.7-in LCD, 5x optical zoom, 36-180mm equivalent focal length, $200
This one looks to be the bargain. I’d have liked a wider lens, but it focuses closer, weighs and costs less, has a better ISO range (100-3200) and has almost all the same features as the FE-350.


3.3 oz, 8 megapixels (smaller CCD though), 2.7-in LCD, 3x optical zoom, 36-108mm equivalent focal length, $180


4.9 oz, 8 megapixels, 2.5-in LCD, 5x optical zoom, 37-185mm equivalent focal length, $150

There you have it. But where’s the FE-530?