CrunchGear Live: The Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote

Unadulterated feed of the entire keynote. Thanks for tuning in.

Time machine’s cool, but today we’re introducing a companion product to Time machine

Time Capsule
it’s a wireless backup applicance
it’s an airport extreme base station and a huge hard drive
it’s a full 802.11n basestation AND backupstation
works with all the macs on your netowrk at the same time, wirelessly
there are 2 versions

500GB version
and a 1TB version
new mac guy/pc guy commercial
with lots and lots of justin long

each as a backup so he can find a lost file

not that great.

anyway, that’s time capsule, the perfect companion to leopard.

hat’s what he wanted to share with us this morning.

Number two is about the iPhone

Great news for us

today happens to be the 200th day since the iPhone went on sale

it’s been shipping for 200 days today
4milliion iPhones sold to date
that’s 20,000 iphones every day on average

Overal marketshare for smartphones

RIM has 39%

iphone at 19.5% marketshare
then palm with 9.8%
moto with 7.4%
nokia with 1.3%
and then “other” with 21.2%

iphone equals palm, motorola, and nokia together in the first quarter
and the december numbers whould be even better
i believe it, iphones everywhere
now let’s talk about eh SDK

it’s out later, but today we’ve got some gtreat new features

first, maps with location.
GPS for iPhone!

Webclips: shortcuts to your favorite websites on the homescreen

multiple homescreens

multiple SMS recipients (finally)
lyrics on the ipod app
and chapter markers in videos

google maps now has a hybrid view, like desktop
the GPS zooms in like google earth

Looks really cool

he GPS zooms in like google earth
looks really cool
driving directions, all the stuff it has now, but with GPS
routing is pretty fast, assuming his iPhone is on WiFi
drop a pin anywhere, you can addit to your itenerary

he’s msging phil schiller
and adds time cook
and tony fadell
and sends one message to them all
now I kinda want an iPhone

threaded view stays, for each recipient

ing to Google, they have really cool webapps that I love – steve
mesides “add a bookmark”, you can have “add a homescreen”
bam, it’s there witwipes for last/nextand iPhone’s pinching to zoom
those are just a few of the gestures you can do
in the control panel, you can set them all up teh other icons
no “booms” yet for those scoring at home
it doesn’t have to just be a website, though
it’s a VIEW of a website.
it’s where you’ve zoomed and panned
if you’re just on one favorite column of a 3 column page, it’s just the column you’ve added. Nice.

You can name them anything you want

touch an icon, they all wiggle, then you can move them around

so now you can arrange your icons onto up to 9 homescreens
any order you want
how do we do some of this stuff?

there’s no GPS in the iphone, but it has your location
we’re working with two companies for that
and Skyhook Wireless
kyhook has driven cars around and tagged Wi-Fi hotspots
so it’s GPS via Wi-Fi (!?!?!)
google is doing the same thing triangulating cell towers

those two technologies together work great

  • So we can add our stuff right to the home screen, SMS multiple people at a time, and chapter markers for videos
    subtitles and alt language tracks as well
  • looks like a forerunner to rentals to yours truly
    Available tdoay as a free software update for every iPhone out there
    will it break Jailbreak? Let’s find out!

  • So that’s the iPhone
    What about the iPod touch?

  • they do have the same software inside.
    Well, we’re doing something pretty big.

  • We’re adding five apps to the iPod touch
    Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather
    which anyone who’s jailbroken their touch already has. Thanks, Steve!
    Maps, though, has the Wi-Fi GPS thing from skyhook

  • Webclips as well, on the iPod touch
    not surprising

  • Starting today, it’s on every iPod touch starting today
  • $20 upgrade for current owners
    there’s the iGroan!

  • That was the second thing he wanted to talk to us about
  • Number three:
    it’s a good one, too, he says
    it’s about iTunes
    he’s really pleased to report that Apple has sold it’s 4 billionth song on iTunes
    On christmas day, they sold 20 million songs alone
    new record for iTunes

  • We’ve also sold 125 million TV shows
    more than anyone else online
    7 million movies

  • Remember: Refresh this page for updates
  • Here it is, folks:
    iTunes Movie Rentals

  • never for music, people don’t want to rent music
    but videos and movies are ok
    most people don’t want to own movies, they want to rent them
    touchstone, Miramax, New line, Lionsgate and MGM are all signed up
    And 20th century fox
    and WB
    and Disney
    and paramount
    and universal
    and SONY!

  • veryone
    pretty much every studio is onboard
    That is SO HOT
    watch them sell Apple TV now
    all first run, when they hit the rental stores

  • imgp4555.JPG



  • all new films, and a great, extensive library
    Simpsons, Transformers, others from this year already on there
    1000 films by the end of february

  • 30 days after a DVD release, it’s on iTunes
    30 days
    watch on your Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone
    with broadband, you can start watching in less than 30 seconds
    when you rent it, you’ve got 30 days to watch it
    to start watchin
    24 hours to finish it

  • transfer to any devices during that 24 hour period
    watch half on your mac, then transfer the second half to your iPhone

  • library: $2.99
    new release: $3.99
    very competitive
  • transfer to any devices during that 24 hour period
    watch half on your mac, then transfer the second half to your iPhone

  • library: $2.99
    new release: $3.99
    very competitive


  • free itunes update
    rentals start today
    for the US

  • international later this week
  • Works with all macs and PCs
  • urrent generation iPods
    and iPhone
    What about you TV?
    I want to watch on my flatscreen TV

  • Apple, Microsoft, Amazon
    Tivo, VuDu
    Netflix, blockbuster

  • we’ve all tried to get movies from the internet to TVs
    We tried with Apple TV

  • we’ve all tried to get movies from the internet to TVs
    We tried with Apple TV
    it was designed to be an accessory for iTunes and your computer
    not what people wanted, though
    waht they wanted was movies, movies, movies
    so we’re back with apple TV Take 2
    Apple TV Take 2: no computer required!
    rent movies directly on your TV from teh Apple TV

  • in DVD quality
    and HD quality with 5.1 surround sound!!!!!!!!!!111!!!one
    dolby digital, it sounds unbelievable

  • Blu-ray who??
    podcasts: no computer required
    photo sycn with Flickr and .Mac


  • And youtube, of course
    You can buy TV shows or music from your Apple TVV
    auto sync right back to your PC or Mac
    and, of course, syncs with iTunes both ways


    HD movies: libraries $2.99 or $3.99 for standard, $3.99 to $4.99 for HD versions
    now we’re getting a demo
    new menu in the center

  • Movies TV, music, pdcasts, photos, settings
    now rentals
    it looks soemthing like a movie rental store

  • bring up by category or genre
    Let’s pick blades of glory
    it’s got IMDB-style information
    stars, director, etc

  • synopsis
    and previews

  • watching preview for Blades of Glory
    one-button rentals

  • confirm? Ok. rented.
    downloading quickly

  • it pops up “ready to watch” when it hit around 10%
    hit play

  • and now we’re at the drreamworks start. Looks pretty good
    he fast forwarded a bit, and it jumped right to the next chapter
    John Heder sucks, btw.



  • Full DVD-quality
    now Live Free or Die Hard
    in HD

  • ooks stunning
    the mascone sound system is in 5.1, you can tell
    it’s fantastic

  • aaaaaaaand thre’s justin long. again.
    looks fantastic
    browse movies by genre
    or rating
    g, pg, wahtever
    new search feature
    no, same search feature
    but it’s a live search
    as before

  • start “typing”
    it starts searching
    much like spotlight
    TV shows
    same idea, at $1.99 an episode
    and now they’ll auto-sync to your PC or Mac


  • now playing a linkin park video. fantastic.


  • TGRtv Podcast in HD
    video podcast
    it’s a free download
    click and watch
    comes right up
    looks great
    streaming live in HD

  • watching a skiing video
    this guy’s nuts

  • skiing in jackson hole wyoming, which, by the way, is one of my favorite towns in the world. Visit if you get a chance
    Now photos.
    live sync from .Mac

  • you can set up your .Mac or flickr as a screen saver
    just like on a Mac

  • picks music, does the ken burns effect, looks great
    on an HDTV

  • John Mayer playing … why does Jobs like John Mayer so much? Ick.
  • Also, your own .Mac movies are synced up
    upload from iMovie to .Mac

  • now here we are with our new apple TV
    watching it stream live
    in HD

  • looks fantastic
    it’s an underwater dive video.

  • NOTE: This looks to be just a software update, not hardware.
  • as opposed to those above-water dive videos.
    it’s not clear yet
    i think it’s a software update
    now we’re o flickr live

  • pick your friends, contacts, or your own
    browse your contact’s contact’s
    oh, the photos don’t come up. but we have the music. oops
    maybe someone didn’t share their flickr permissions

  • flickr’s busted. oops. yah, flickr. yup.
    “isn’t that incredible!?” says Steve. Movies – BOOM

  • check it out, rent it in DVD or HD quality.
  • TV shows, over 600 TV shows live now
    buy music. over 6 million songs

  • podcasts, over 125k podcasts on itues
  • photos from .Mac and flickr, when flickr works
  • over 50 million videos on youtube
    this is where we’re at with Apple TV

  • “certainly we’ve made some progress from the first try”

  • we want everyone to have it, now
  • it’s all free upgrade to every apple TV owner
    given the fact that it’s all-new software

  • and every movie studio
  • we’re making apple TV even more accessible.
    now it’s $299, but!

  • starting today it’s now $229

  • it all comes out, price drop and software, in 2 weeks
  • movies work on all Macs, PCs, current-gen iPods, iPhone, and your HDTV
    every major studio
  • Fox was the first studio to sign up

  • we’ve got a great relationship with them
    Here comes Jim Gianopulous

  • CEO of 20th century Fox
  • Jim: I’m backstage getting excited hearing steve talk, and I already knew about it.” (crowd chuckle)
  • Jim: You can’t talk about this stuff long without talking business models. How to improve them, etc.”
  • Jim: When you get down to it, it’s make great movies, and get it to as many people as you can.
  • Jim: People want variety, access, and convenience
  • Jim: They want to tak it with thejm, too. Wherever they go. Pretty basic. Even us studio guys understand it.
  • Jim: But we don’t think that way. We go to our in-house tech gurus, give them the this and that and data
  • Jim: And we get Homer in an iPod spoof. not good.
  • Jim: tomorrow is the rentals for Simpson’s movies opening, and it’s the exciting most cool thing we’ve ever heard of.
  • Jim: VOD aren’t new, but there was music and the iPod

  • Jim: there was telephones, then the iPhone
  • Jim: Apple does things very simple and innovative. This is the transformation of that model.
  • Jim: Going back to how people enjoy movies, there’s another idea we’ve had with Apple, and that’s DVD
  • Jim: Discs will be around for awhile, probably Blu-Ray (crowd jeers)
  • Jim: People will still buy DVDs and enjoy hard media. We don’t want to deny them Apple TV
  • Jim: digital copies will be included on all Fox DVDs. I have here the first one.
  • Jim: the Family Guy “Blue Harvest” DVD has a digital copy that you can instantly and easily move to iTunes and Apple TV
  • Jim: And it’s a free include, no premium on that
  • Jim: It’s exciting, we look forward to more fun work with Apple.
  • Steve comes back

  • Steve’s back on stage now:
  • Thanks Jim. So, iTunes Movie rentals, that’s the third thing today.
    That brings us to number four
    “There’s something in the air”
    what is it?

  • Well, as you knowApple makes the best notebooks on the planet
    (crowd gets restless)
    these are the standards in teh industry

  • The world’s thinnest notebook
  • what does that mean?
    we looked at all the thin notebooks out there

  • the Sony TZ series, they’re nice notebooks
    they’re thin

  • we wanted to distill the best of the breed
    ght about 3 pounds, about 0.8 inches thick
    wedge shaped

  • 11- or 12-inch displya
    most of them
    they have miniature keyboard

  • and they tend to not have fast processors
  • Weight’s a good target, but the rest is too compormised
  • Too thin, small displays, small keyboard, low performance
  • Crowd is restless…
  • the air is THIN
  • .76 inches down to 0.16
  • zero-point-one-six
  • the thickest part of the Air is still thinner than the thinnest part of the TZ
  • the air
    it’s in a small envelope

  • crowds’ going nuts
  • whoa
  • Matt says it’s as thin as a plate
  • it looks like a Macbook Pro
    but thin, with a black keyboard

  • larger bezel around the screen
  • very rounded design
    world’s thnnest notebook
    magnetic latch like the current macbooks
    13.3-inch widescreen display
    LED backlit
    low-power, instant-on

  • built-in iSight camera right on top
    full-sized MacBook keyboard
    thebest notebook kieyboard Apple’s ever shipped

  • with the ambient light sensor retained



  • larger trackpad, but not too big
    multi-touch trackpad
    for example, double tap moves the whole window around
    pan with two fingers
    rotate two fingers to rotate a photo

  • three finger swipes for last/nextand iPhone’s pinching to zoom
    those are just a few of the gestures you can do
    in the control panel, you can set them all up

  • Now, how’d we fit a mac in there?
  • same hard disk as the iPod Classic
    80GB built-in standard

  • 64GB SSD option
  • The electronics are special
  • it’s a complete mac the size of a video card
  • as long as a #2 pencil
  • Macbook Air uses the intel Core 2 Duo
  • 1.6GHz is the standard, with a 1.8GHz upgrade available
    Intel’s and apple have a great relationship
    intel has lots of technology

  • The core 2 duo chip is amazing, but it needs to be smaller
  • we told them, same die, smaller packaging



  • We now have the same chip in a 60% smaller package
    it’s the size of a dime
    Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini is now on tage
    saying it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever worked on

  • The Air has USB 2
    Micro DVI
    802.11n built in
    bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

  • built to be a wireless machine
    one thing you won’t find, though, is the optical drive
  • If you rreally want one, we’ll sell you one
    it’s a USB dvd superdrive
    very compact

  • we don’t think you’ll miss it
  • we play movies and install software. that’s what they’re for
    we burn music CDs.
    we have a better way to get movies on your computer, itunes rentals
    better ways to play CDs, iPod
    backups? time machine, time capsule
    waht about installing software?

  • we’re going to do that wirelessly too
    A new feature on the Air called remote disk

  • when you’re in the finder, you’ll see “remote disk” on the left
    it’ll show you all the macs and PCs on your netowkr
    they’ll be running the Macbook Air software

  • and will share their optical drive with the Macbook Air
    it’s that easy

  • it mounts like a local drive, and you install it wirelessly
    nobody will miss the optical disk

  • so that’s the Macbook Air
  • 3.0 pounds
    less than an inch thnk
    13.3 inch screen
    full keyboard

  • backlit
    1.6GHz core 2 duo
    2GB RAM
    80GB HDD

  • all in the thinnest notebook in the world
    only $1799

  • should be shipping in 2 weeks


  • The greenest notebook Apple’s ever made
    fully recyclable

  • That was the fourth thing he wanted to talk to us about today
  • So itunes rentals, new Mac Pros
    fastest mac pros ever

  • all in the first 2 weeks of 2008
  • and we have 50 weeks to go
    but we have a special treat today

  • i wanted someone who could help us bridge the itunes music and rentals worlds
    and the one person who could do that is here to perform for us

  • and that person is Randy Newman
  • but now it’s just newman
    Steve leaves the stage

  • Randy: I was in europe about a year ago
  • Randy Newman spoof on the Family Guy, in case someone cares.
  • ndy: did you know they don’t like us very much? I wanted to explicate waht america is in 2:27.
  • Randy: (playing a song about the USA. He sounds like Randy Newman, which is cool.)
  • (he’s digging on bush and the left, saying they’re the worst we’ve ever had, but not as bad as the cesars)


  • Randy: I’ve followed a lot of acts, but what Steve showed you up here today is the hardest act I’ve ever had to follow
  • Randy: I watch CNBC when I’m composing, it’s like the track, all the numbers running. Same shit, really.
  • Randy: There’s the insurance thing, the foreclosure thing, but this is human stuff going down.
  • Randy: I understand enough to know that.
  • Randy: But it’s an honor to be here, and it’s been an honor to work with John Lassiter
  • Randy: I always root against corporations, cuz that’s how I am, but not this one.
  • Randy: This one’s different. Jim’s the best studio head i’ve ever met.
  • Randy: Well, that’s just for me to make a little money (audience laughs)
  • Randy: I’m going to play something from Toy Story
  • Randy: A song they cut, from Buzz and Woody’s love scene (crowd laughs)
  • andy: I was impressed how much you guys knew about the notebook and stuff before this happened. you guys impress me. (crowd laughs)

  • Randy: (starts playing “You’ve got a friend in me”)
  • Steve’s back.
    And that’s randy newman!

  • Thanks for coming, we look forward to a very innovative 2008. thanks very much!
    no “one more thing”
    now it’s U2 playing (natch)
    and we file out.

  • Fin @ 10:42am