Google updates iPhone interface

iphone Jeez, get a room you two. Google’s all like, “Oh Apple iPhone, you’re so pretty. Sit at my table won’t you? I’ve upgraded myself to run much faster and sexier on your Safari browser. Look how fast Gmail loads now.”

Then Apple’s all, “Hey Google, sorry I haven’t called in a while. Thanks for the upgrade, you’re looking real good. Have you been working out? I’m gonna bump you up a couple notches in my speed dial. Maybe you could make me some dinner tomorrow night after the keynote. Then I’ll go hit some parties and you can wait up for me.”

Seriously though, it’s a good overhaul. Wise move too, in light of the recent traffic-splosion Devin told us about earlier today. I find myself using my iPod Touch more and more for Google-related activities, wishing it had some sort of phone function built into it so I could take it with me as I skip gleefully about the streets of Boston. Oh well.

Google announces faster, more customizable Google experience for iPhone Users [Google Press Release]