Sony cuts Japanese PS3 console offering to one model

ps3 I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport in what used to be a nice, quiet spot where I figured I could get some work done when four guys from New York just sat down RIGHT behind me (despite there being plenty of open seats).

They proceeded to call in an order for sandwiches from some New York deli, argued about who’s sandwich would have what on it, and then called their secretaries to pick the sandwiches up and meet them at the airport when they land.

“What’s Carl want on his sandwich? He wants the works, right? Dragged through the garden right? Oh hey, here he comes. Hey Carl, you want the works right? No? Plain? Really? I thought you liked the works? Really? Since when? So nothing on your sandwich? What are you, broken?!”

Anyway, I got up and moved and now I’m ready to tell you that Sony will be discontinuing the sale of its 20- and 60-gigabyte PS3 consoles in Japan, choosing to focus on selling the not-backward compatible 40-gigabyte PS3 from here on out.

The same seems to be happening in the UK as well, so it’ll be interesting to see what Sony does here in the US, where it still sells the 80-gigabyte version along with the 40-gigabyte one. I tend to think that the 80-gigabyte version will still be offered here for a while longer but we’ll see if it gets pulled in a year or so. I doubt it’ll get pulled in the near future, though.

Sony Discontinues Current PS3 Lineup in Japan [PC World]