MP3 headphones getting cheaper, slightly less fugly


I’ve been seeing a lot of these headphones with built-in storage and digital audio playback today. They’re almost everywhere, staring at me as if I’d tried to date their sister. Leave me alone, hundreds and hundreds of similar headphones!

This pair, in particular, is made by a company out of Hong Kong called Majesty Industrial. They come in a myriad of storage sizes running up to 4-gigabytes. This set here contains 1-gigabyte of storage and has a built-in 96×32 LED-backlit display, 6-tone equalizer, USB 2.0 connection, lithium-ion battery, and WMA/MP3 support.

The nice lady in the booth thought I was a distributor so she quoted me at $18.60 per unit for 1000 of these things. I kept trying to tell her I was a reporter and I think we finally reached a common understanding of one another but not before I’d talked her down to $18.60 per unit for only 500 of them. My point is that if you see these stateside, they might cost under $50 and maybe I’ll be selling them (probably not, though). There are a bunch of other colors too, including white, blue, and red.