Machine-washable heated jacket, very warm gloves


We’ve all seen heated clothing before but there are a couple of somewhat unique about this line of jackets and gloves. First, the gloves have heating circuits that go all the way to the fingertips. Most other heated gloves center on the palm of the hand but these ones keep the part of your hands most susceptible to cold — your digits.

Second, the jacket is machine washable. That’s great but what’s also cool about it is that I couldn’t feel a hint of tubing or wiring. It felt just like a regular jacket and was pretty lightweight. Most other heated jackets feel like you’re wearing a plate armor made of stove coils. Not this one. It also plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter for those long trips in the Alaskan wilderness with the windows down in the dead of winter.

The gloves cost around $150 and can be found in specialty catalogs like Herrington. The jacket runs from $180 to $250 depending on the thickness, length of heating time, and recharging options. They’re made by AddHeat out of Taiwan.