CES 2008: Razer Destructor, the 'gaming-grade' mouse surface


Razer distinguishes itself from every other PC peripheral maker by focusing on making higher-end products…like this one! It’s the Destructor, a “gaming-grade” mouse surface. (I don’t play twitchy PC games, so I’ve no idea what the difference is between “gaming-grade” and the everyday kind.) Razer claims that the technical wizardry—optical and laster mouse optimization, “ultra wide” size—of the Destructor allows for up to 25 percent more accurate mouse tracking. It even comes with a protective case—that’s how serious this is. Or is supposed to be; I haven’t used it to say one way or another.

Wanna see my *crazy* mousing surface? Of course you do.


Yup, I think I picked up that hot number at a trade show over a year ago. It does the job. Also, stay in school, kids. Please.

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