CES 2008: ChangHong's cheap but good HDTVs


Product Name: ChangHong TVs
Description: Low-cost HDTVs that could rival Olevia and Visio when they enter the US retail market for real later this year.
Price: Varies
In-store date: Our man on the floor wouldn’t say a date, but he said it wouldn’t be until after NAB, which is usually in April.
Site: Changhong.com
Why it’s cool: Sometimes sold as an OEM, China’s ChangHong is planning on launching under its own brand in the US later this year. Microsoft recently tried to purchase a stake in the company but was rebuffed by the Chinese government. There are a few ChangHong-branded TVs in the US now, but they’re usually at discount retailers, whereas the company wants to have real Target-and-Wal*Mart sales this year.