Toshiba announces four REGZA LCDs, one AV500


Product Name:AV500, REGZA: CV510, RV530, XV540, XF550

Description: The AV500 series ranges from 19- to 42-inches and features 720p resolution. DynaLight ups the dynamic backlight control for the blackest black you’ve ever seen and has built-in ATSC/QAM digital tuning. Each model includes HDMI and PC inputs.


The REGZA CV510 series comes in 32- and 37-inch models with 720p resolution. This particular REGZA line has PixelPure 4G 14-bit Internal Digital Video Processor, which means you’ll have a pretty picture to look at with 4,096 levels of gradation. There’s also a 1.5-inch ThinLine bezel with an even thinner SoundStrip speaker system. Gamers will enjoy the Gaming Mode, which provides faster game controller response and three HDMI 1.3 inputs with REGZA link (HDMI CEC).


REGZA RV530 series has a two-tone Surface Tension design with a high-gloss black bezel. This one, however, is full on HD with 1080p resolution. DynaLight is also used in this line with a 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Each set has four HDMI inputs and a new high-res PC input for screen sizes starting at 32- to 52-inches.


The REGZA XV540 is aimed at the sports and action enthusiasts with 1080p resolution, 120Hz frame rate with film stabilization and 5:5 pull-down for fast and clear video. Also included is the 14-bit PixelPure 4G tech with 10-bit CLD panels for 16,384 levels of gradation. On top of all that is ColorBurst, which boasts 108 percent of the NTSC color gamut as well as four HDMI 1.3 inputs.


Rounding out the line of new LCDs is the REGZA XF550 series, which is for the ‘high-style’ tier of consumers and includes the Super Narrow Bezel (0.9-inches). The SoundStrip 2 is all over this series including all the goodies from all the other lines with three HDMI 1.3 inputs. Choose from 40-, 46- and 52-inch models.

Price and Availability:

19-inch (19AV500) is $429.99 and comes out in March.
22-inch (22AV500) is $549.99 and comes out in May.
26-inch (26AV500) is $649.99 and comes out next month.
32-inch (32AV500) is $799.99 and comes out next month, too.
37-inch (37AV500) is $999.99 and also comes out next month.
42-inch (42AV500) is $1,299.99 and makes its debut in March.

32-inch (32CV510) is $899.99 and will be available in March.
37-inch (37CV510) is $1,099.99 and drops the same month.

32RV530, $1,099.99, March
37RV530, $1,299.99, February
42RV530, $1,499.99, February
46RV530, $1,999.99, February
52RV530, $2,699.99, March

42XZ540, $1,699.99, March
46XV540, $2,199.99, March
52XV540, $2,899.99, April

40XF550, $1,999.99, February
46XF550, $2,499.99, February
52XF550, $3,199.99, February