Crumpler's Regifting Day


Even though “Seinfeld” has been off the air for over nine years, I still reference it quite a bit. Who doesn’t celebrate Festivus or quietly chant “serenity now”? I find myself telling friends and family, ‘no soup for you’, all the time. Did you know that of the 60 million Seinfeld earned this year most of it came from royalties? “Seinfeld” is pure gold and it’s a lot like…yada yada yada…anyway, enough of the “Seinfeld” references. I really want a junior mint right now.

Crumpler, purveyors of all that revolves around messenger bags, wants to help you regift all the things you just don’t want. Do you really want that ___________? No, of course not. Bring it on in to a Crumpler store here in Manhattan and get 40 percent off any messenger bag, laptop bag, camera bag or backpack. Crumpler will in turn donate said items to the Salvation Army. Be sure the gifts are unused and still in their packaging. They must also be re-wrapped. If you bring the Crumpler folk some French champagne, a Blendtec blender or one hell of a hilarious story then you may get something a little more special.

When: Saturday, January 5th, 2008 11.30am – 7.30pm
Where: Soho – 45 Spring Street, tel 212 334 9391
West Village – 49 8th Avenue (corner of Horatio) tel 212 242 2537