Is Cellphone use Harmful to Children

The French Health Ministry issued a health warning claiming that excessive cellphone use may be a health risk. The Ministry is especially concerned about children who use mobile phones but frenchflag2.jpgthe warning admits there is no recognized science that proves cellular technology is dangerous.

Mobile phones marketed for children have raised concerns with the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports. It is feared that children are particularly vulnerable to possible health risks because of their smaller size and growing bodies.

“As the hypothesis of a risk cannot be entirely excluded, precaution is justified,” the ministry said.

The Ministry recommends using mobile phones in moderation and has some tips on how users can reduce any possible health risks.

“One should use a mobile phone with good judgment, avoid calling when reception is poor, or during high-speed travel, and finally, keep the telephone away from sensitive areas of the body by using a hands-free kit,” the ministry said.

Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin admits that mobile phones are useful safety items children can utilize but warns against excessive use.

“Today, here and now, it does not appear useful to completely do away with, or ban, mobile phones for children … but in keeping with the principle of caution, I want to inform parents completely,” she said.

The French warning creates a fear that may be unjustified. A 2006 report from the World Health Organization (WHO) found that there is no evidence to suggest that long-term exposure to radio-frequency and microwave radiation from mobile phones has any adverse health effects.

A British study released last year said there are no short-term risks from mobile phones but no study has been made that looks at people who have used the devices for longer than ten years. Many forms of cancer take 10 years or more of exposure before they appear.

There are over 53 million mobile phone users in France, which is about 84% of the population.