Dell intros Inspiron 1525, inspires no one


Today, Dell announced the new Inspiron 1525 notebooks, which isn’t much to get giddy over, but if you’re looking for something economical then this is the way to go. They’re relatively light weight at 5.9 pounds and pricing starts at $499 topping out at $749. As you can tell by the picture there are an assortment of colors to choose from. Display size is 15.4-inches for all three models and graphics are pushed by an Intel X3100 media graphics accelerator.

It does have a few perks like wireless USB, Bluetooth and an optional 2-megapixel camera. There are also touch capacitive multimedia controls. Processors run from the lowly Celeron 540 up to the C2D T5450. Memory goes from 512MB to 1GB and 2GB for each respective model with HDDs starting at 80GB on up to 160GB. Like I said, nothing too exciting about it.