O'Neill ensures skiiers, snowboarders will never get lost


The Europeans always get the cool gear before everyone else and it pisses me off. Take, for example, the O’Neill NavJacket. Not only does it include a GPS module to help you get back to that snow bunny, it also has an integrated display on the sleeve and audible instructions that are pumped through the hood. Pretty good, eh? Wanna know what else it can tell you? How about the speed with which you’re flying down the mountain or current weather conditions? There’s even in-depth details about your planned trip so you know exactly when you’ll be in the lodge drinking a hot totty.

And if you feel like having a 3D view of the resort or wherever then just plug in your phone. You can even track down your cronies with a friend finder feature. It’s being tested this winter in the Alps. Ya, jerks.