Canadian man gets $85,000 phone bill

bruce Awwwwwwww dude. That sucks, man. Poor Piotr Staniaszek (not pictured left). He hooked his $10-per-month unlimited mobile browser phone up to his computer and used it for his Internet service and got a big fat bill for $85,000 in the mail.

The worst part? Bell Mobility just let him keep racking up the charges. "The thing is, they’ve cut my phone off for being like $100 over. Here, I’m $85,000 over and nobody bothered to give me a call and tell me what was going on," Staniaszek told CBC News.

Bell lowered the bill to $3,243 as a "goodwill gesture", which must be some sort of Canadian humor that I don’t understand, like the Kids in the Hall episode where Bruce McCullouch’s character steals sausages from the factory where he works. Anyway, Staniaszek is planning to fight the charges.

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