Dell tablet is officially announced, officially expensive


Dell has officially announced its tablet PC, the Latitude XT.  You’ll have your option of two screens, one that’s highly readable outdoors or a bright LED-backlit one. There’s also an optional 9-hour battery that’ll allow you to show up early and work through lunch without skipping a beat. The 12.1-inch tablet PC will weigh around 3.5 pounds so carrying it around shouldn’t cause too much strain on weak, underdeveloped corporate arm muscles but it’s been my opinion that Dell has always had a skewed perception of what “light” means, as most of their laptops are pretty bulky. If this one were under three pounds, it might be a bit easier to sell. Input can be done via greasy, smudgy finger or stylus and the tablet will be able to automatically tell which one you’re using.

It’s expensive. Starting at $2500, you’re likely going to be hoping that your IT department decides you need one for some reason instead of buying it yourself (unless you’re loaded and really love tablet PCs). It’s not listed on Dell’s site yet but should be soon.

Dell launches its first tablet PC; Hopes touch boosts interest [ZDNet]