Proposed lawsuit targets Halo 3's false 720p claim


Back when Halo 3 was first released, some people got all up in arms because they thought they were gipped several pixels—the game was advertised as 720p even though it was actually rendered in 640p. I know, it was a national disgrace, right up there with that whole Lewinsky nonsense and when NBC cancelled “Freaks and Geeks.” Thus, a “team of class attorneys” is looking into slapping together a class action lawsuit against… someone. It’s unclear if the proposed suit would target Bungie, Microsoft or both; it’s unclear whether the proposed lawsuit will ever see the light of day.

I haven’t played the game at all so my opinion is essentially irrelevant (as it often is), but maybe Bungie/Microsoft wronged enough of you for this proposed lawsuit to gain traction.

Halo 3 does not natively render at 720p resolution [ via Xbox-Scene]