$999 LG BF200 would swing both ways if Blu-Ray and HD DVD were sexual orientations


The format war is over, kids. It’s going to be a Blu-Ray/HD DVD world whether we like it or not and getting one or the other right now is probably a bad idea. Witness the BF200 from LG, arriving now for $999.

Here’s my take: While pure play devices might pop up in consoles — as they have — and some low-cost devices — as they have — these are basically a way to convince users in the 18-34 age bracket to buy Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs. Once each disc type reaches critical mass — AKA once those users get girlfriends and buy When Harry Met Sally in Blu Ray and/or HD DVD — expect dual players like the BF200 to lead the day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The BF200 is Blu-Ray Live ready, with a proper patch, and should be shipping right now. LG apparently “sat out” Black Friday, as they told us today at a presentation at their HQ in New Jersey, which is probably why you didn’t see these for $9.99 with a purchase of a hot dog at the Sears concession stand.