Sony finally gets it right with the latest PS3 commercial

With a title like “Hand Drawn”, I immediately thought this to be another mind melting commercial from Sony for the PS3 console. I’m happy to report that I was completely wrong. Wow. This commercial actually makes sense. Not that the previous spots were incoherent in any way, but this one doesn’t require you to think in an altered state of mind, which I tried doing after a session with I-Doser. It doesn’t work, by the way.

What’s highlighted in “Hand Drawn” is the simplicity with which the PS3 is able to handle different tasks from playing games to watching Blu-ray discs to content transfers onto a PSP and everything else in between. If you had to show one commercial to someone who didn’t understand what the PS3 was capable of then this is the one to do it. It’s simple and clear unlike the previous bunch. I am truly amazed, Sony. Bravo.