Forkchops – What I want for Xmas

forkchops.jpgNot often do kitchen utensils make the rounds of gadget blogs, but when my friend showed me these Forkchops, I was all like, “OMG! WTF!” because I have to have them right now.

I eat a lot of asian food, including food from the Indian subcontinent. I love noodles and chicken that’s been cut for me. I’m that lazy. And I eat it with chopsticks so I don’t look like what I am, a dorky white guy. But sometimes I have trouble getting the last of the yummy, and that’s where the efficient, Americanized side of these things comes in, and I eat it all gone.

The fact that these could also be used as weapons in the right hands is good, too.

Forkchops [Nerd Approved]