Apple shuts down Asian iPhone sellers

Insert John Pinette joke here.

Electronics retailers in Asia are now receiving notices from Apple advising them not to sell unlocked iPhones or face a $1,000 fine. According the Straits Times, retailers received a sternly-worded email from Apple legal advising them that selling “parallel” handsets with the SIM lock disabled is illegal and will result in litigation.

It seems the retailers in Singapore have taken most of the iPhones off the shelves but some feel slightly differently. One seller in Sim Lim Square, the electronics market there, said that the iPhone can be “brought in” to interested parties. The iPhone should arrive — officially — in Asia next year. Until then, Asian Phone-a-holics might have to give a few nod-nod wink-winks at their local e-boutique.

iPhone taken off Sim Lim shelves after Apple threat [Straits Times]