3G phone for T-mobile! Too bad T-Mobile has no 3G network

6263larg.jpgBehold, the Nokia 6263! Not much to look at, but I’m told that deep within its silicon heart lurks the capability to communicate at blinding speeds on a 3rd Generation network that, well, doesn’t exist for it. I feel bad for the poor thing, forced to work at data rates that make it want to flash its own bios. Oh, to join its brethren in two-way video chats and full-featured browsing! You may have heard from a disreputable source that T to the Mo was going to drop a 3G network on December 6. There have been no murmurs and unless the company has hidden this network inside a tiny box behind the CEO’s desk, we doubt it will be popping up as supposed by that loose cannon Hickey.

Classically designed and fully featured Nokia 6263 now available at T-Mobile USA