Would you pay more for a DVD that included an iTunes/iPod-friendly copy in the disc?


Question: if a DVD includes a file on the disc that’s readily playable on your computer (on iTunes or whatever), is it worth $3 or $4 extra dollars? Or are you of the mindset that, hey, I’ve already paid for this content, why am I being charged again just to watch it on a different screen? (That’s me. Big surprise.)

Apple is in negotiations with Hollywood studios to sell movies on iTunes—movies other than the Steve Jobs-influenced Disney/Pixar ones—but only after reportedly agreeing to sell them for $15. (Jobs had been lobbying for $10 movies for some time now and only wanted to sell them for that price.) So that’s that part of the story.

For its part, Fox is said to be ready to sell DVDs that come with Apple-friendly files, only it wants to charge $3 or $4 more. Nice idea, but, honestly, is there really a need to charge extra for the Apple-friendly file? What incentive is there then to not buy the cheaper one and rip it on my own? Granted, Grandma and Grandpa won’t be doing that, but I’ll happily do it for them.

The greed here is so ridiculous.

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