Nokia internet radio – enhanced for your pleasure

littlenokia.JPGI don’t listen to the radio much, but maybe that’s because I don’t have one at my fingertips at all times. Nokia is introducing a streaming radio service that will be available for their N81, N91 and N95 phones, as well as upcoming phones that will have the service embedded. There are tons of stations to choose from, and you can also browse by what’s popular country by country. There are also favorites and the usual top stations, which could be kind of sweet as long as it’s easy to navigate. I question the quality of the music coming out of the little speakers, but it has variable stream rates and you can always set up some speakers, although it might feel a little weird. I’m not familiar with all the internet radio stations, but I imagine there are some cool international news ones for those of us who like to stay in touch with the world, and there’s the added benefite of having the same selection wherever you go. The bad news is that they don’t mention the cost.

Discover new music with Nokia Internet Radio