Top 10 Geeky babes


What do we at CrunchGear love more than gadgets? Besides booze. Women. Hot women. Geeks disguised as hot women to be exact. It seems there’s a list of whose who in babelicous geekdom each year and we welcome that and we know you do to. Enough of the jibber jabber, right? I present to you this year’s top 10: hottest women in tech, according to

At number 10 is Wendy Cheng of Singapore who likes to mouth off about random topics such as ween length and she’s rumored to be sans hair down there. Yes, down there.


At number nine is Blair Butler whose wit, humor and charm won her the role as head writer for X-Play on G4.


At number eight (wtf?! are you serious?) is Kristen Holt who you may remember seeing on American Idol or on the sidelines at Cowboys football games. She’s the host of Cheat! and works as a tech reporter for Attack of the Show on G4. I’m picking Kristin as my favorite.


At number seven is Amanda Congdon. You’re not even reading any of this so I’m just going to throw up pictures and be done with it.


Number six is Veronica Belmont of CNET fame.


Number five is Cali Lewis. Yay!


At number four is Olivia Munn. Yumm.


And the top three tech babes are…

Jessica Chobot taking bronze.


Morgan Webb as runner up.


And the hottest tech babe is Amber MacArthur?


Who is missing? Who is your favorite?