Reviewer fired/quits over Kane & Lynch review


It seems Jeff Gerstmann, formerly of Gamespot, had a falling out with management over a review of Kane & Lynch and either was fired or left of his own accord. The game’s maker, Eidos, was upset by his unfair assessment of this holiday blockbuster featuring Dean Kane and Willie Lynch, two gun-toting country western singers who are out to fight the mob in downtown Toronto. The game is full of fiery crashes, huge cut-scenes, and a soundtrack by Shooter Jennings and Jack Johnson collaborating for the first time as a red-hot folk rock combo.

Will Kane and Lynch play the Grand Ole Opry? Will Kane learn to love again? Will Lynch get rid of that cold sore? Find out in Eidos’ Kane & Lynch, available now at Best Buy!

Anyway, big blow to impartiality in game reviews, good to see someone standing for objectivity in journalism, all that. Seriously. Buy the game. We get a commission.

Gamespot Editor Fired Over Kane & Lynch Review? [Kotaku]