Tech toys are now kids toys, for better or worse


Now young children are becoming tech geeks, worrying some doctors in the process. Go ahead and check Amazon’s top toy list and see how many are tech-related. You’ll find Barbie MP3 players, some tech’d-out Rubiks cube and a Fisher Price virtual bicycle. It’s a trend that industry watchers say isn’t going away any time soon, and toy companies, smelling dollars, are quickly trying to use to their favor. So, no more blocks or toy cars, now Little Johnny gets to play with Cellphone and Laptop, just like mommy and daddy. Kids just want to emulate their parents, is how the industry defends itself.

Too bad not everyone thinks shoving a laptop or digital camera in junior’s hands is a good idea. Some suggest that these type of toys limit children’s imagination while others (myself included) think it’s just dumb. Kid, you’ll have plenty of time to slave away at a laptop; go play in the sand or step on some ants.

By far, the strangest defense here of kids wanting to use tech like mommy and daddy do:

When we put devices in front of kids, if they smack of kid-ness, they’re much less interested. They want your iPhone, they want your BlackBerry, and they’re smart enough to use it better than you do”

If a child is able to set up an IMAP account on my BlackBerry, more power to him. And shame on me for ruining that kid’s life.

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