Verizon's VX6800: A meta-write-up

htcxv6800-lg.jpgAnother day, another hot Windows Mobile-based smartphone made by HTC. This is the sentence where we talk about the QWERTY keyboard. This is where we mention the touchscreen. This is where we talk about the 2-Megapixel camera, the Wi-Fi, and the EV-DO data connection.

Now it’s a new paragraph, where we talk about how though the hardware’s neat, we bemoan using Widnows Mobile 6, even though it’s better than 5. And now is where we compare it to the Wing from T-Mobile, or the Tilt from AT&T.

And finally we get to talk about how it’s on Verizon for $400 with a 2-year plan, with a joke about indentured servitude, and that it’s available now from the business side of the website.

Verizon ships HTC-made XV6800 smartphone [Electronista]