O'neill H4 Campack ready for Winter

O’neill, the surf brand, like many other surf brands venture into other action sports and for good reason. Without surfing the other boarding sports just wouldn’t exist. You can’t argue that, so don’t try. Heh. This one’s for the snowboarders and/or skiers.

So here’s the H4 Campack that comes with a camera that can be mounted to a helmet or goggles and is easily controlled with a single button located on the shoulder strap. Video is transmitted to the PMP, which is nestled in its own special pocket. There’s also an on-board battery that powers the PMP and should last about four hours. A measly 512MB built-in records about 40 minutes, but there’s an SD/MMC slot that holds up to 2GB. It’s all very YouTube-ish, but I think I’d prefer the VholdR since this will retail for about $425.

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