Zune 2 sells out across the Web. Wait, what?

zune2.jpgWhat’s the hardest to find and most sought-after portable MP3 player on the market? Is it the fantastic iPod Touch? The new fat Nano?

Nope. It’s the Zune.

No, really, Amazon and most other online retailers are totally sold out of the 80GB version. Granted, Microsoft didn’t make the player in huge quantities, but the fact that it’s demand outweighs its supply means that it’s a hit.

For over a year now, we’ve liked the Zune. A year ago, the Zune was actually a better MP3 player that the comparable iPod. The interface was better, easier to use, and far more responsive.

We like the updated version, too. While we think the iPod Touch is the best on the market for now, the new Zune is a better bet than the comparable iPod classic. Unless, of course, like me, you’re a Mac user. (Ahem, MS, Ahem.)