Cellphones can kill you


Part of being a gadget owner is being responsible. You should know your cellphone etiquette, like not talking while driving wihtout a handsfree kit, remembering to mute the ringer in a theater, and keeping your voice low when in public.

These Dear, Abby hints can keep you from personal injury at the hands of the pissed off rest of the planet. Another to add to you personal collection would be this: Don’t talk on your phone while crossing the train tracks, or else you might end up hit and killed by a speeding locomotive.

Scott Slaughter was a victim of just such an accident while walking to work Thursday morning. While cutting across the tracks as a shortcut for work, Slaughter let one train pass, but was distracted by his conversation enough to not notice there was another on the next set of tracks.

It’s really just a good idea to stay away from train tracks in general, but if you need to cross, hang up, ok?

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