Google already has cellphone network up and running at its headquarters


There’s a nice little summary of Google’s recent, and expected, wheelings and dealings in today’s Wall Street Journal. It’s more or less everything about Android that we know, what Google wants to do with it, how it wants to conquer the world, etc. But that’s old news.

The WSJ also brings up Google’s expected bid for the slice of the 700MHz spectrum. Not only do pundits believe that Google will bid for the spectrum—Google is already running a beta cellphone network at its headquarters under special license from the FCC—but folks and Washington expect it to happen, too. It seems Washington bent some of the rules for the upcoming auction, which will happen early next year, and expects that Google bid.

Then there’s the usual “telecoms don’t like that Google is encroaching on their turf” nonsense. Good stuff in there.

Google Has Even Bigger Plans for Mobile Phones [Wall Street Journal]