LG patents, will never build in-phone wireless earbuds

I love patents. The make a company look like they’re on the cutting edge when we all know they’re going to keep doing what they’re doing until someone — Apple, NASA, or whoever — ups the ante. That’s why these earbuds are so funny. Look at the diagram. These things are supposed to pop out of your phone like two little pills. You then stuff them into your ears — or drop them on the subway tracks — to listen to music for as long as the battery lasts. Why did they patent this? So that when a company like Kleer launches their actual working earbuds, LG and every other manufacturer can get a cut of the patent licensing pie.

This technology will happen, I have no doubt. But I can’t see LG spearheading it.

LG Files Patent for Way-Cool Detachable Wireless Earbuds [Gizmodo]