Free XBLA codes [Update 2]


Listen up, XBLA fanatics. I’ve got codes for Mutant Storm Empire and Word Puzzle. Don’t ask me what the codes do because I have no idea, but I have them and now you, too, can have them. I’m not sure how many people can use the code so let’s shoot for the first five people to e-mail me, peter ha at crunch gear dot com with the subject line “XBLA Rules” and we’ll go from there. Tell me which one you want or tell me you want both.

Thanks to T @ MS

Update I think we’re done, folks. Let’s wait a bit to see how many people come back and yell at me for non working codes. If they’re still going strong then I’ll update again.

Update 2 Ok, folks. I think we’re done. Stay tuned, though, we may get some more codes in the future.