The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week.

Subject: STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN releases “Pride And Joy” DVD and “Solos, Sessions + Encores” CD


Reason we didn’t use it: We’ve been posting a LOT of SRV stuff lately and just couldn’t fit it in anywhere, unfortunately. Plus half the guys weren’t even born yet when SRV and Double Trouble were changing the world. I was really into soft rock stuff back in ’82 like Raffi, if you’ve heard of that band.

Subject: Check this out, unbeleivable

Hey There,

This letter isn’t for everyone.  In fact, I know there will be people who unsubscribe from my list and get angry at me for even mentioning this. 

I wish I could say sorry – but I can’t.

If you would like to learn how a 28 year old guy made over $100 million dollars (yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION) in just 23 months selling a product that sold for just $60, then Click Here

If it offends you to learn from someone who did spend time in jail and lost $48 million dollars because of these mistakes, then please don’t Click Here

What was impressive to me was the fact that the author didn’t try to cover up these mistakes, but instead shows you exactly what they were, how and why he made them, and also how to protect yourself from making the same mistakes.  (that and how how was able to get $48 million in a bank account to begin with)


Reason we didn’t use it: You spelled “unbelievable” wrong in the e-mail subject so we had no idea that it was about something awesome. Had it been spelled correctly, your message would have been filtered to a sophisticated SMS system that sends text messages to all the editors for immediate posting.


MODEL   DESCRIPTION     PRICE 1-100  200+               PRICE 200 ABOVE CALL OR EMAIL
ML-1210         20.3    19.58
ML-4500         20.3    19.58
SF-550          20.3    19.58
SF-5100         20.3    19.58
SF-530          20.3    19.58
ML-1710         21.82   21.05
SCX-4521                21.82   21.05
ML-1610/2010            27.31   26.35
ML-2250         28.56   27.55
SCX-4720                31.95   30.82
CLP300Y         18.25   17.75
CLP300M         18.25   17.75

Reason we didn’t use it: This was a close one, actually. We had a couple very heated discussions about whether or not to post this story. Heated, like as in “How hot are toner stories right now? So hot.” I guess we just ran out of time. We’ll know what to do the next time we run out of toner, though. Ho! Still got it.

Subject: QRIO Robot Attacked By Blanket Hurling Children

Pardon the whimsical subject, but I think you’ll get a kick out of this video that shows a QRIO robot interacting with young kids; especially when he lies down and one of them throws a blanket on him!:

Reason we didn’t use it: It definitely had to have something to do with the subject of the e-mail. I read it and was like “Oh no, I can’t watch this. Anything but this.” Children attacking robots makes me sick to my stomach for some reason. The video is actually not nearly as bad as you’d think. It’s pretty violent, but there’s nothing here that you haven’t seen on Rugrats before. 

Subject: FW: Fw:New X-ray system from Perlong

Dear   Sir/Madam , 

How are you ?

We now commend our new PLX160 High Frequency X-ray Radiograph System to you ,which is update product for our PLX140.


Power Output: HIGH FREQUENCY 40 KHz 15KW
X-ray Tube: Rotary anode
Focus: 0.6mm 0.3MM
Thermal capacity: 300 KHU
Tube Voltage: 40~125KV
Tube Current: 200MA

It has upgrade from PLX140 for below options.
*Modern Design ,we developed the electric parts to make the machine size much smaller .
*Use high frequency  generator,the radial effect improved and make less harm to the skin.
*Use touch screen ,it is very easy to operate.
*We setup the parameters for different shape of the body size ,and you can save as you like.
*The self protection and warning system make the products save and reliable.
*You can choose the option operate table ,you can  set up and control out of the room .
*We just win a tender for 400pcs here in Yunnan province ,China, for PLX160 . This model will be the most popular one in China in the coming year.
*You can find this model in RSNA 2007 HALL A 5553 during Nov 25th to 30th ,Chicago.

If you are interested in this model ,please reply me to get our prompting quotation and USER MANUAL .

Waiting for your kindly reply .

Reason we didn’t use it: Whoa! A doubly-forwarded e-mail?? Why didn’t I see this?? Dammit! I’ve been waiting for the PLX160 to come out for like a million years it feels like. I heard the new high frequency generator is off the hook, so to speak. I still have time to make it to Chicago. I still have time to make it to Chicago. I still have time to make it to Chicago.


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