Da-Lite intros 184-inch HDTV screen


I love my 37-inch LCD HDTV. Love it to death. Last night, I was up till one in the morning watching Transformers in HD. I watched it twice. It would not look so good had I not a decent home theater set up. But now I’m getting jealous.

Da-Lite has announced a 184-inch roll-up projector screen. With your HD projector and HD source, you can have a truly home theater experience. I’m keenly into the roll-up idea, where if I’m entertaining and decide I don’t want the TV to be the centerpiece of my living room, it’s not.

The screen comes in both front-projection or rear-projection models, and the fabric is “micro-perforated”, so that your speaker’s audio can make its merry way through without being distorted. Pricing isn’t available yet, but we’re going to be checking this guy out at CES this year, you can believe it.

Da-Lite’s Home Theater Delight: Whopping 184-inch Diagonal Screen [Electronic House]