New Toshiba Gigabeat MP3 players


Will the impending Toshiba Gigabeat U series be the new Nano killer? No. And I’m ashamed that I even used that cheap, sensationalistic journalism tactic. I don’t know what got into me.

There are three models; the U104, the U205, and the U206. The U104 features 1GB of memory. The U205 and U206 each have 2GB and feature FM reception and a built-in FM transmitter. They all have OLED displays, play WMA, MP3, and WAV files, can handle 20 hours of continuous playback, and can record 16 or 32 hours worth of audio depending on which capacity player you’re using.

The U206 is the less fugly one on the right there and, according to Akihabara, “is a U205 packed with a canal type headphone.” Pricing? Availability? I honestly have no answer for you. Forgiveness, please.

Toshiba unleashes a new breed of DAP, the Gigabeat U series [Akihabara]