Nokia’s Ovi Hits a Snag

Ovi1.jpgNokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer, is having problems with its Ovi service. Ovi allows users to download music, games and maps to their handsets. The gaming service has been delayed due to software testing problems and Warner Music withdrew its song titles from Nokia’s music shop. MobileCrunch reported on Ovi in August. See: Ovi Knocking at the Door.

Warner has withdrawn its music from Nokia because it fears copyright violations. Nokia has a file-sharing Web site called Mosh which is being used to distribute copyrighted material. The two companies are in talks to discuss Warner’s fears that its materials could be pirated.

“We think we have done a lot to ensure that content owners’ rights are not abused,” Nokia spokesman Kari Tuutti said. “We are hoping to reach agreement with Warner.”

The gaming service, N-gage, was supposed to be available globally in November, but that date has been passed back to December.

“N-gage is coming in December. Software testing is taking a bit more time than what we had expected,” Kari Tuutti said. “We are talking about a couple of weeks.”
Warner Music