The random endorsement: you, our readers


Like I said last week, my random endorsement column will be a little unorthodox sometimes. It won’t be all Product A is great, I endorse it. No, sirs.

Today I endorse you all, the CrunchGear readers. And a special endorsement+ to all you who leave comments. Aside from our delightful chat room, y’all make it worth getting up stupid early to do this.

Take a bow.

Why bother endorsing you guys? For starters, quite literally, without you we’d be nowhere. Actually, no, I know where we’d be: Biggs would be in Poland working in agriculture, Vince would be a DJ who just so happened to own a weather Web site, Hickey would probably be president of the United States of America, and Ha would in Koreatown hawking the same electronics he writes about. I’d be an even more anonymous college student than I already am.

That you take even five minutes out of your day to read our ramblings is quite humbling. (That people even read my nonsense is particularly amazing: it’s all house music and Opie & Anthony references and calling Hillary Clinton a jerk.) I don’t know what our age demo is like—I imagine you’re guys for the most part—but you can’t all be 15-year-old kids reading us after school. Reading us during your lunch break, or while you should actually be working… all very nice of you.

I even like you guys when you say terrible things about me and mine. Like that OiNK Leopard leak post from this past summer. Look at the comments: that’s some kind of vitriol right there. What did I do to deserve that? All I did was say that the build was leaked on OiNK. And let’s be real for a second: did you think that the RIAA or whoever didn’t know about the site? What’s the saying about security through obscurity. Oh, right: It doesn’t work. Oh well. I had a blast reading the horrific comments. Keep ’em coming.

If there’s one thing where you guys sorta let me down it’s the contests. We put a solid five to six minutes coming up with ways to give away all sorts of stuff and get very few entrants? What gives? The day I gave away some iTunes song, I only got a handful of response and all you had to do was e-mail me. Don’t you get it? Since a relatively low number of people enter the contests, your odds of winning are huge. Do it up. We’ll give away a cactus or something.

But that’s a minor point.

The bottom line is, you guys rule. Really.