Mahalo Daily Preview: Actually Pretty Good
The latest Jason Calacanis Mahalo spin-off launches November 5 with a daily video podcast based around well…the rather unexciting topic of Mahalo’s content pages.Mahalo Daily’s star, ex-C-Net producer Veronica Belmont seems to have a good presence on screen and the recording quality is good, even if the topic area going forward will be a challenge.

Classic line from the video above: Jason Calacanis saying that Rocketboom isn’t funny, which probably wont make him a lot of friends at Rocketboom. The fart jokes about the dog at the end were rather juvenile, however the piss take of some other video shows was cleverly crafted. As former TechCrunch writer Marshall Kirkpatrick said on Twitter: “I’m not ashamed to say it, I think the trailer for mahalo daily is great”…well maybe I didn’t find it great, but surprisingly it’s pretty good. For those that don’t like the video, I grabbed the below image for you, as I’m sure that Jason would like you to speak to the hand :-)