Rogers Tests 7.2 Mbps Wireless Data Service

rogers wireless1.JPGRogers, a Canadian wireless service provider, announced today it has begun field trials of its 7.2 Mbps wireless data service in the Brampton and Montreal areas. The trials utilize 3.5 generation wireless HSPA/UMTS technology, allowing a peak download speed of 7.2 Mbps, the fastest speed in Canada.

“The consumer appetite for mobile applications is undeniable in Canada and around the world,” said Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Wireless.” The data speeds achieved in this trial will enable Rogers to meet our customers’ needs with the most advanced, innovative services today and in the future.”

This test puts Rogers among the top one percent of GMS carriers worldwide that support 7.2 Mbps speeds. This trial is the next generation of Roger’s GMS network, and represents a significant investment in technology. Rogers will have spent around $500 million over the past two years upgrading its network.

“Rogers is continuing to trial, launch and deliver innovative and reliable next generation wireless telecommunications services to Canadians,” says industry analyst, Mark Goldberg, of Mark H. Goldberg and Associates Inc. “The availability of 3.5G mobile services in our own backyard keeps Canada at the front of the world stage with respect to telecommunications services and applications.”