Dear T-Mobile: A progress report

We should start by saying that we love you. You’re the underdog, which always gets to us. You’ve kept a core customer base and you have fair voice and data plans. You’re the good guys in the American GSM world. And a year ago, we talked about how you were rolling out your 3G network, and how excited we were for you, and for us.

But that was a year ago. Here we are, with the tail end of 2007 almost in sight, and we’re still using EDGE. We know, you recently launched your first 3G phone. That’s a great start! But, with your network still stuck at 2.5G, it’s really nothing more than a tease. Where’s the bandwidth? Bring the data, T-mo, please.

We know it’s not all your fault. You had a big win with the FCCs bandwidth auction last year, that’s why we were so excited. The problem is the feds haven’t released the bandwidth yet. Could you please keep us posted on this? It’s not that we’re nosy, we’re just worried about you. You shouldn’t let the man push you around like that.

But you’re getting your network ready anyway, we hope. So that when the feds quit sitting on it, you can light it up. That’s why you’re pre-releasing these 3G phones, right?

We certainly hope so. We like you, T-Mo, but if you can’t keep up with the rest of the team, you’re going to get cut. Nobody wants to do it, but sometimes things like that have to happen. We’re pulling for you, T-Mobile. Don’t make us regret it.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt from CrunchGear