Trolltech ends run of Qtopia Greenphones

Trolltech has done a lot in the past year for the world of developers. With its amazing Qtopia Greenphone, developers were able to have a completely open mobile phone that allowed for application testing with multiple input devices. Trolltech has now announced that all Greephones and their SDKs have been sold and there are no longer plans to manufacture more.

From Trolltech’s PR department:

Tomorrow we are announcing that Trolltech has sold out of Greenphones
and will not order more. The mission of the Greenphone initiative was to
stimulate open development on mobile phones and to serve as an industry
catalyst. The impact and feedback has exceeded our expectations and are
excited to see the many new innovations that will continue to come.

All Qtopia efforts are now being focused on the Neo platform, which will no doubt help further our mobile industry. It’s still a shame to see the Greenphone go though. It was truly one of the most innovative development platforms available.