'iPod Death Clock' predicts bucket-kicking dates

bigipoddeathclockAccording to iMechanic.com, the iPod touch I purchased a month ago has just under 800 days left until it leaves this world behind, touching the lives of so many people during its short stay here. Ha! "Touching" the lives of…sigh…never mind. It apparently also only has 92% of the battery capacity remaining. What a rip!

Anyway, you can use this site to input your iPod’s serial number, how often you use it, how many times you’ve dropped it, and whether or not it’s gotten wet, and you’ll see how much time you’ve got until it dies. It’s not an exact science of course, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I also found it amusing that you can add the death date to your Google Calendar. That’ll be something to see approximately 2.19 years from now.

The iPod Death Clock [iPodMechanic.com] via Gizmodo