Exclusive B'phone news: Special edition Beyonce Upstage launched on Sprint [Upstage]

Need a burgundy and gold Samsung Upstage to match your lovingly dyed landing strip? You’d better get down to Sprint on November 4 because they’re launching a special edition Beyonce Upstage with a sexy start-up screen, exclusive pix and vidz, and a song sung by the ‘yonce when she was 10.

Don’t particularly care about Beyonce? You can always pretend that the girl on the phone is your shorty and show your parents, saying “Look, I’m not socially awkward! I have a girlfriend! She lives in Canada.” That’s what I did with a picture of Ally Sheedy for years back in the late 1980s. The choice is yours.

[Update]: Pics after the jump.

Additional reporting by Peter Ha

When asked how limited the edition of her phone was, Beyonce responded by saying, “the content is exclusive to this phone”. That doesn’t really answer the question now does it?