TiVo, Rhapsody partnership: Now your TiVo does music

Fancy listening to music on your TiVo? The company today is expected to announce a deal with Real’s Rhapsody to allow its users to sign up (for $13 per month) and listen to the more than 3.5 million songs right from the DVR. Further details are still sketchy—I bet TiVo’s not too happy that word of this partnership leaked, considering there’s supposed to be an event tonight where it, presumably, was first going to announce the deal—but don’t expect to be able to share the songs amongst your many TiVos connected over the Internet.

And as the Times points out, yeah, TiVo is adding bells and whistles to its platform in order to distinguish it from the DVR your cable company gives you: Amazon Unbox, Rhapsody…

Is TiVo’s Comeback the Real Deal? [Bits New York Times Blog]